Here is a list of talks I've presented. Please get in touch if you'd like me to present at your conference or event.


Is this okay!? How to Review Code for Security Issues

DevSecCon Lightning 2022

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Fail better with QA in Production

Lean Agile Scotland 2019

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The curious case of the production incident

DevConf 2018

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QA in production: the tests we never wrote and the production monitoring we use instead

Agile Africa 2017

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Organised chaos: real-world JavaScript microservices

JavaScript in South Africa 2017

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Surround yourself with data: how to create dashboards that help you uncover what's really going on

DevConf 2016

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Techniques for stress-free software releases

Scrum Gathering Johannesburg 2015

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Why you should be a polyglot programmer

Tech4Africa Jo'burg 2015

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Emergent Design: Cakes, Showers and Electricians

Agile Africa 2015

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How to make your CSS not suck

JavaScript in South Africa 2015 (with Socrates Hlapolosa)


Four Attributes of an Agile Business

Agile Africa 2014

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Using lineman to build fat JS apps independent of the server-side

JavaScript in South Africa 2013 (with Daniel Temme)

TDD and Pair Programming demonstration

Tech4Africa 2012 (during “Agile Software Development” presentation and workshop, with Patrick Turley, Daniel Temme and Prasanna Pendse)

User groups and community events

Fail better: learn from the real world with QA in Production

August 2019 SingularIT Meetup


Useful bits: a medley of tips for effective full-stack JavaScript development

November 2017 Jozi.JS Meetup

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Contributing to open source is easier than you think

September 2019 Tes Engineering Knowledge Sharing


DevOps Culture

November 2015 Scrum User Group Johannesburg

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Lean Enterprise

August 2015 ThoughtWorks Community Event (with Barry O'Reilly)

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Let's release it: An introduction to Continuous Delivery

October 2014 Scrum User Group Johannesburg

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August 2014 ThoughtWorks Tech Radar

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Infrastructure as code, with Puppet and Vagrant

April 2014 Developer User Group

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The JavaScript juggernaut rolls on

March 2014 ThoughtWorks Tech Radar

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Developer Yoga: How being flexible helps

LevelUp Jozi


Infrastructure as code

July 2013 ThoughtWorks Tech Radar (with Rachel Laycock)

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All of the slides for my presentations are available on SlideShare